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Note: Version 1 released 1/2/24 does not have the Gap Codes for 2024. See the Updates page for more information. We anticipate the GAP file will be available the 2nd week of January 2024. All other tables are new for 2024.

Standard Edition


Add Gap License: +$249

Professional Edition


Add Gap License: +$249

Professional+ Edition


Add Gap License: +$249

Which Version Do I Need?

RBRVSEZ-Fees Standard Professional Professional Plus
Price $199 $459 $599
Who is this version for? Physicians & Other Providers Payers, Accountants, Billing Services, Consultants, Researchers. Payers, Accountants, Billing Services, Consultants, Researchers, CFOs, Plan Administrators Hospitals/Facilities.
100% 30-Day *Money Back Guarantee and FREE tech support.
Exports all Coding & Fee Information Excel, ASCII, Access, dBASE, FoxPro.
Creates an unlimited number of user defined fee schedules.
Health Professional Shortage Areas Bonus Indicators.
Look up all US Localities by zip code, county, city or state.
Creates an unlimited number of user defined fee schedules.
Tagging by key word, code, medical specialty, code status and site of service payment differential.
References: Federal Register RBRVS Final Rule, Part B Carriers, Workers Compensation & Insurance & Licensing Commissioners/ Departments.
J codes (Drugs, injections) Codes & Fees) SDP.
DMEPOS (Durable Medical Equipment Codes & Fees).
Clinical Lab Fee Schedule.
ASC (Ambulatory Surgical Center) Codes and Fees with MSAs.
DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups) GMLOS, AMLOS, RW Payment Rates.
Export Zipcode, Locality and GPCI Exporting with Stand Alone Lookup Utility.
National Access Table
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What’s A Gap License?

Although RBRVS is the most widely used RVS (Relative Value Scale) it does not provide fee information for procedures and services not paid by Medicare. This results in “gaps” in medical fee schedules. Private payers including managed care and workers compensation who adopt RBRVS methodology are forced to price their gap claims on an individual basis or use alternative non RVS methodologies. Some simply pay out the claim while others defer to a review panel, bypassing the regular adjudication. This slows down the claims review process and often results in disputes and appeals with payers.

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Legacy versions prior to 2000 are available on wasserman-medical.com or 800 669-3337 

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I need an older version of EZ-Fees. Do you offer legacy versions?

We understand how important historic based RBRVS Fee Schedules are for audits and resolving disputes.

In addition to providing the most up-to-date version of RBRVS EZ-Fees for the current fiscal/calendar year, we also offer legacy releases for prior years releases. Each prior years release is the final (cumulative) update for that year. RBRVS EZ-Fees was designed so that each years installation goes to a different application folder and can run independently. For example RBRVS EZ-Fees for 2023 is installed to C:\RBRVS EZ-Fees 2023 and RBRVS EZ-Fees for 2022 is installed to C:\RBRVS EZ-Fees 2022.