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RBRVS Helps Analyze Physicians Payments

By Helen Butler, MBA Bexar Hematology & Oncology

Helen Butler, MBA, negotiated contracts as the administrator for physician owners of Bexar Hematology & Oncology Associates in San Antonio, Texas, and other providers in her medical management consulting practice.  In the course of her work, she used to spend long periods of time waiting for a response from a Medicare, Medicaid, managed care company or other third-party payer representative.

No more since Butler purchased RBRVS EZ-Fees from Wasserman Medical Publishers.  RBRVS EZ-Fees is a low-cost software program that creates and analyzes physician payments using Medicares Resource Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS).

RBRVS EZ-Fees creates fee schedules for any area of the country within seconds without using mathematical formulas or file downloads.  Users can export fees, unit values, descriptions and notes for over 10,000 CPT/HCPCS codes as they appear in the Federal Register into Excel, Lotus, dBase or ASCII text files.  The company also offers two professional versions providing J Codes, LAB, DMEPOS, ASC and DRG pricing.

Whats unique about the RBRVS EZ-Fees is that you can go in and select the correct GPCI (Geographic Practice Cost Indices) for a county and tag the CPT procedure codes that apply, Butler said.  This software covers the whole gamut of coding and fee information including hard-to-find J Codes for drugs and injectables.  For the consulting practice, I can find codes and fees for clinical laboratory services and durable medical equipment.  Besides fee information, there are many useful coding tips, unbundling alerts and status indicators.

One of benefits of the software, Butler said, is the time saving it provides.  I no longer have to delegate staff members to key in information manually or have to spend a lot of time to get the codes and correct fee information.  I just punch some keys, peg the codes and export everything into a spreadsheet or a medical management software program.  We also check the Web site for free updates, she said.  Its a powerful administrative tool, and its importing and exporting capabilities are very easy to use.