Legacy Software

Looking for prior year releases of RBRVS EZ-Fees?

In addition to providing the most up-to-date version of RBRVS EZ-Fees for the current fiscal/calendar year, we also offer legacy releases for prior years releases. Each prior years release is the final (cumulative) update for that year.  RBRVS EZ-Fees was designed so that each years installation goes to a different application folder and can run independently for other year releases. For example RBRVS EZ-Fees for 2017 is installed to C:\RBRVS EZ-Fees 2017 and  RBRVS EZ-Fees for 2018 is installed to C:\RBRVS EZ-Fees 2018.

Current Year Release

RBRVS 2018

Legacy Versions

RBRVS 2017
RBRVS 2016

Contact US for product years 2000 – 2015