Convince Your Boss or CFO

Unable to convince your manager or purchasing department that RBRVS EZ-Fees should be installed on your PC? We will help you by providing the top 15 reasons RBRVS EZ-Fees will benefit your medical organization or company.

  1. Low Cost Solution. For only $199 (see options for Professional and Pro Plus versions) you can create and manage and unlimited number of RBRVS fee schedules WITHOUT hiring a computer programmer, consultant or accountant. 
  2. Very User Friendly - No mathematical formulas, conversion factors or knowledge of RBRVS required. RBRVS EZ-Fees was designed for the beginner. The goal was simple - create a Windows application that didn't require any prior knowledge of RBRVS. You don't even need a calculator.  - One main screen, no technical manuals and no complicated installations. Just insert the CD and follow the menu guided installation. 
  3. Exports to Excel, Access, dBASE, and ASCII. RBRVS EZ-Fees does not restrict exporting. If you can see it on the main screen you can export it to your favorite software application. Many advanced users use RBRVS EZ-Fees to create Excel spreadsheets for other applications such as physician compensation modeling with Work Practice Units. 
  4. Create Fee Schedules in Seconds. With a few clicks you can create accurate RBRVS based fee schedules. Options include: NonFacility Participating,  NonFacility Non Participating, Facility Participating, Facility Non Participating, Facility Limiting, 5 User Defined Fee and Frequency Schedules.
  5. Locate Any Code in Seconds. CPT and HCPCS codes can be found by several methods: 5-digit quick search, scrolling, key word search and advanced queries. For hard to find codes you can include and exclude keywords in the same search or query. 
  6. No Government Downloads. RBRVS EZ-Fees is shipped with all the codes, descriptions, RVUs and GPCIs necessary for access to over 10,000 CPT and HCPCS procedures and services in an easy-to-use application. If you need or prefer to work in Excel/Access/Fox simply select File-Export.
  7. All US Localities. RBRVS EZ-Fees provides access to all Medicare Localities including Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. 
  8. Zip Code Lookup. If you don't know your Medicare locality by description simply enter a 5 digit zip code. 
  9. Windows Compatible (2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7). If you are familiar with Windows you will be at home with RBRVS EZ-Fees.
  10. Official CPT Long and Short Descriptions. RBRVS EZ-Fees is a licensed AMA CPT coding product. Each registered user is covered by the AMA's exclusive CPT copyright. 
  11. RBRVS Status Indicators and Value Added CPT Notes. For advanced users, RBRVS EZ-Fees provides 16 status indicators such as: pre, post & inter operative percents, multiple procedure, assistant and surgery, physician supervision, and billable medical code/supply indicators and more. All status indicators and CPT Notes export.
  12. Optional GAP Codes. This additional table provides pricing for CPT / HCPCS codes not priced by Medicare.
  13. FREE Updates. RBRVS EZ-Fees comes with free updates via the web for the fiscal year. There is not fee if you lost your CD or keycode for reinstalling.
  14. FREE Tech Support.  All Wasserman Medical Software products come with free technical support. Support is available via phone, fax, email. 
  15. 30 Day-Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction. If you do not find RBRVS EZ-Fees helpful for any reason simply return the CD for a full refund. No questions asked. 





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